Sunday, 22 March 2015

Instalife: 2015 so far

So this is basically the first in a series of posts detailing the things I post on Instagram, from the mundane to the pretty to the selfies and everything in between.

This one covers January through to now, basically all the things I've been doing in 2015 so far. 

In January, the boy and I went to Sheffield - mainly to visit family in the city but also as a little weekend getaway. I've been in love with the North of the country for many years, and always look for an opportunity to visit. I have family living there (hey Eleanor!), but I also have roots in the area - especially Newcastle, where half of my family is from. 

We found the most fantastic burrito place - Benito's Hat, Kings Cross Station. If you're passing through here, I insist you try it. The food is a bargain by London standards, especially for what you get. It's now our eatery of choice when we're travelling North. 

Stunning Sheffield. 

I bought a beautiful new coat - baby blue, from Oasis. And I'm completely in love with it. 

A helpful map on the entrance to King's Cross Underground station, detailing the local area. 

Harry and I, as slight Sherlock fans (books, film and TV show) just had to go to the Sherlock exhibition at the Museum of London. We stopped off for coffee/hot chocolate and a Sherlock shortbread. 

I say, old chap. 

For some unknown reason (UK weather can be a little bit strange), there was a really sunny day. So we thought "break out the bikes, let's hit the bridleways". Also, may I introduce my lovely boyfriend, Harry. This guy, always :)

My sister turned 21 last weekend (not like the picture makes it obvious eh...), and we visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire to celebrate. The grounds are currently closed to the public, but the restaurant is open. It was stunningly beautiful, and the food was lovely too. 

Can't beat a decent Victoria sponge and a latte. 

The gorgeous Chatsworth grounds, with the view of the Peak District. 

Mother's Day in Colchester, Essex with Harry's Mum. I spent the morning/afternoon with my Mum, and the evening with Harry's and his family. All nine of us! Huge table booked at Middleton's, Colchester. And, as you can see, a very nice looking burger. Pricey, but very, very worth it. 

Family times. 

Formal floral - (dress, Oasis, £75. Jacket, also Oasis, £65). 

Up at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich for a little solar eclipse spotting...

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be - London's fog thickened up too much!

Cutty Sark visit = selfie! Can't not, let's be honest. Also, strong eyeliner game.

So there's my life through a lens (and a filter). 

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Until next time, 

Accidental Essex Girl

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Hello and a very warm welcome to British Bohemia!

First off, let me introduce myself as the actual girl in question. I'm Rosie and I live in Essex. I mostly divide my time between my small area of the county and London, where I work as an Imaging Technician. My biggest loves in life are my boyfriend of five years, my family, my pet Lhasa Apso and 2 cats, tiramisu, Havana Club & Cola, anything with birds printed on it and photography.

I'd broadly call this a 'lifestyle blog', so basically anything from fashion to beauty to galleries to theatre, film TV and anything in between. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism, because I'd love to know your thoughts on my content.

So that's a basic introduction, I thought I'd round this up with a few little facts about me...because icebreaker, right?
  1. Gogglebox is my religion. Friday night, I'm parked on the sofa with my wine at 9pm for my session on Channel 4. 
  2. I am completely obsessed with liquid eyeliner and don't feel 'ready' without it. You'll see what I mean in later posts...
  3. I am a fruit addict. Fresh or frozen. Every time I go shopping (any kind of shopping), I'm bound to end up with at least one punnet. Or maybe even two. 
  4. I love bold prints and colours - the brighter, the better. Sometimes I might even end up wearing too much print at once (example: purple tartan dress with grey bird-and-floral print scarf). 
  5. I am a real sucker for anything Orla Kiely. 
  6. I struggle to resist my dog's Disney eyes when he wants something. 
  7. I once dyed my hair red and blonde at college. I was 17, and Hayley Williams was my idol - that's the only real explanation for it.
  8. Tiramisu will be my downfall. 
  9. I'm a UEL graduate (Class of 2014 represent!)
  10. I have a passion for cycling and a huge love for vintage Raleighs. Mine's a 1990s Pioneer Classic. 
  11. I prefer concerts to nightclubs, but I enjoy a good bar or pub. 
  12. I used to do quite a fair bit of jewellery design and would love to take it up again. 
  13. I tend to be a bit loud on occasion. 
  14. I own too many notebooks. 
So that just about wraps it up. I'll be back with a first post of sorts as soon as possible, in the meantime, enjoy the blog!